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A frequent question that I am asked is some variation of I was sending marijuana/shatter/oil/drugs through the mail and

A) I got a letter from the post office saying there’s been a problem with my package

B) The guy I sent drugs to didn’t get the marijuana I sent

C) I got a call from the USPS telling me to call them about a package I sent, and it was my marijuana

So what do you do? Well first off, don’t panic. In the case of option 3, call a lawyer immediately – because that kind of contact is the most likely scenario to lead to law enforcement contact – and 100% you don’t want to talk to the police because lying to the police is against the law in Colorado.

Often times a package disappearing IS your drugs disappearing, but a small amount of marijuana is unlikely to lead to criminal charges being brought against you. Why? Because there is so much marijuana being mailed out of Colorado that the federal government is unlikely to bring a charge against you.

If Option A or B Happened, and the USPS merely sent you a letter because you mailed some marijuana – chalk it up as a loss – and do a better job packaging your marijuana.

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