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Marijuana Cultivation or Dispensary Site Selection

At this point in the marijuana game – barring buying a license in a moratoriumed county of city, the current options for marijuana cultivation in Colorado are limited to rural areas. Together, we can discuss cost benefit analysis of license procurement in a moratoriumed area, using real world numbers – and compare that to the benefits of opening up in Southern or Western Colorado.

Avoiding Marijuana Financial Headaches

Given the current climate in Washington, and the stringent requirements of state and local marijuana enforcement divisions – your finances must be in order if you are to be approved for a marijuana license. Together, we can discuss your finances, put you in touch with lenders, discuss banking options, and establish the financial bona fides to ensure that both your lending sources and financial history are impeccable.

Marijuana Business Contracts

I often tell clients “It’s not a marijuana deal if it’s not going to be tits up in under five years.” The industry remains full of empty promises and unrealistic dreams. In representing hundreds of people in the industry here in Colorado, I have seen it all: Bad loans, fake leases, promises of finances, and my favorite the vaunted “I have strains that no one else has” which competes with “I get a pound per plant” as things that still make me laugh and then search for someone to stab so that I can work my frustration out. Red Law’s experience with ending shady dealings early on in the proceedings often times pays for itself. 

Marijuana Experience Counts

My goal is to ensure that all of my clients as well as their business partners are protected from the inevitable split up or pay up requests that occur more often than not in the industry in Colorado. I can help you with marijuana employee contracts, marijuana contracts to buy and sell, marijuana warehouse leases, marijuana greenhouse leases, marijuana promissory notes, marijuana lines of credit, and any documentation required for a successful application for a recreational or medical marijuana cultivation license in Denver, or any county or city that allows marijuana cultivation in Colorado.