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About Matthew Buck

Matthew Buck, Capo Regime of Red Law has successfully resolved numerous marijuana cases ranging from cultivation to RICO violations, and has assisted in the formation of grows, dispensaries, and MIPs across Colorado, from the Western Slope to Pueblo, County. Prior to working on marijuana cases, he represented hundreds of clients in immigration matters, including complex litigation against the Office of Immigration Litigation before the District of Colorado and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Matt graduated from Regis University on the prestigious seven-year-plan. He then graduated from UIC John Marshall Law School in Chicago. 

Matt grew up in beautiful Denver Colorado, where he continues to reside to this day.

When not striking deafening blows to the egos of Harvard Law graduates in Federal Court, Matt enjoys rooting for the Denver Broncos, Paris Saint Germain, and making smack-yo-mama-delicious BBQ.

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